Much of my work as an illustrator is dedicated to graphic facilitation. I am also one of the partners of Visual Scribing, one of the leading graphic facilitation companies in London.


Graphic facilitation transforms complex and often abstract content into easy-to-understand illustrations. And all done in real time.

By nature humans are “visual learners” – basically we’re much more likely to remember and understand stuff if we see it. Teaming pictures and words stimulates the emotional/creative, as well as logical, part of our brain.


The dynamics of creating the illustrations live has increased the speed with which I draw. The immediacy of the process forces me to seek perfection from the very first line. Most of the time I draw directly on the paper and there is no way to erase it. You have to be 100% focused and not afraid to make mistakes.

Graphic facilitation has become a very popular tool in lectures and workshops here in London. I get to know many people and companies from different backgrounds. From financial market to veterinary medicine, I have already illustrated everything. And the diversity of themes has been instrumental in the development of my career as a visual communicator.

graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation has made me a much more agile illustrator, my style has become simpler and more effective, and I gained tremendous self-confidence when confronted with a blank sheet.

If you want to know more, the Visual Scribing website is this one: