Research trip to the Himalayas


And there I was, on top of the world, watching the vegetation, the temples and rock formations. Researching life in the Himalayas. Walking the endless narrow trails I was hoping not to bump into a snow leopard.  It was easy to imagine that at any moment we could get a glance of a Yeti or Vasu from behind one of the many bushes.


When we started working on our webcomics: The Golden Lion and decided it would be set in the Himalayas, we used our imagination to recreate it. We collected all the material available on internet and testimonials from people who’ve been there. Although we were not far from an acceptable representation, walking in the mountains, feeling the icy wind descending from the top of the ridge was an irreplaceable experience.


It’s like diving into a world where every step we experience something that can be turned into a new story.